Dying Alone

  There are so many nightmares with this pandemic. One of them is the prospect of catching Covid-19,  being hospitalized and then being deprived of loved ones and caregivers in your final days. This tragedy may at times be unpreventable. But according to several discrimination complaints filed across the country, it did not have to happen that way. The following is an article from NPR … Continue reading Dying Alone

Rationing Away Our Health Care

Joseph Shapiro __________________________________________________ “I’ll take all night if I have to!” So shouted 8-year-old Jennifer Keelan on March 13, 1990, as she hoisted herself up the 83 steps of the US Capitol. It was an exhausting journey on her hands and knees, but her muscular dystrophy (and the lack of a ramp) gave her no choice. She was joined that day by dozens of other … Continue reading Rationing Away Our Health Care

I Couldn’t have Made it Through that Line..

  Photo from the New York Times, April 8, 2020 __________________________________________________________- And I’m sure many other voters with disabilities didn’t make it, either. But the ones that did risked their lives to vote. The question is, why were they forced to make that horrendous choice? If ever there was a reason to advocate for mail-in voting, this is it. If ever there was a reason … Continue reading I Couldn’t have Made it Through that Line..

Who is “Disposable” in this Pandemic?

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/coronavirus-healthcare-rationing-medical-ethics-disability_n_5e7a2b0dc5b6f5b7c54bb117 The above column in the Huffington Post caught my attention, and I’m sure it speaks to the fears of many people these days. We with disabilities have spent many decades and sacrificed a lot on our way to legal equality. That’s why it is increasingly disquieting to hear public officials “reassure” the American public that “…it’s mostly just the elderly and those with underlying health … Continue reading Who is “Disposable” in this Pandemic?