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Join us on FEBRUARY 26 to learn more about Accessible Voting


As many of us have been realizing, it’s crucial that we mobilize the disabled community to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE in 2020. 

To that end, the ADA National Network  will be hosting a twitter chat about accessible voting on February 26. It’s FREE, registration is not required, and we will learn more about barriers to accessible voting.

“Tweet” you there!

We’re still “Committed,” even if we Can’t Stand for an Hour

If you can’t stand in line for an hour or use a pencil and paper to vote (the “old-fashioned way”), does that mean you are less patriotic or less committed to get into that voting booth?

That’s what I just heard an elected official imply in a television interview. It’s unfortunate, because I am normally in lockstep with this person’s political views. And I know this person did not even think about how that sounds to someone like me, who cannot do either of the things mentioned  above but who would never dream of not voting.

But it’s the not thinking about it that makes it so scary. An appalling number of our voting sites continue to be unaccessible, despite the fact that, the Americans with Disabilities Act has required this for 30 years.

Fortunately, I live in Oregon, where the only way to vote is by mail. But this is not the case in most states, and  I fear that in 2020 we are still going to see people with disabilities being effectively shut out of an activity that may be more crucial this year than ever before.

What can we do? A lot of people are already doing it. They are talking to government officials, to disability advocacy groups and generally helping to raise awareness of this problem before it’s too late. Please help us  be part of the solution!

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