Purpose of this Website/Blog

Purpose of this Website

Greetings! I am an (inactive) attorney with multiple sclerosis, and I co-teach a class in disability law. Over the years, I have also investigated hundreds of discrimination cases for the State of Oregon.

I am fascinated by the guts and tenacity of my fellow “MS’ers” and other people with disabilities. It is largely because of their efforts that we now have laws protecting us against discrimination.


Therefore, WHILE NOTHING ON THIS WEBSITE IS INTENDED TO BE LEGAL ADVICE, my goal is to provide ongoing information about the legal and social journey of people with disabilities

Please feel free to contact me (below) with any questions or comments.

Roll on!

Helen Russon


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vicky garcia
7 months ago

not even diagnostic yet, my m.d. is dragging her feet to get a test.
i am just getting starting on this blog. can hardly read for my name and em. i do not have a website.

7 months ago

I used to work for a steel fabrication shop that specialized on the projects that had a lot of stairs and hand/guard rails. It would amaze me with how many architects and general contractors didn’t understand a lot of the ADA codes.

8 months ago

Thank you for initiating this information medium. I look forward to reading more.