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Take us ALL Out to the Ball Game!


I love going to baseball games and I attend as many as I can – even though my multiple sclerosis sometimes makes this difficult. In addition to concentrating on the game, I have to focus on not tripping and falling down those long and narrow cement steps (often with no railings). I also have to constantly keep an eye on people who might bump into me, because the odds are excellent that they will knock me down.

But because of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), things are much easier for me and others with mobility impairments. There are now more accessible seats, elevators, ramps and curbcuts in sports arenas, theaters and other public venues.   The link below explains these requirements in more detail:

So it caught my attention to hear that the  Chicago Cubs were recently sued by a 20-year old man with muscular dystrophy, who is a wheelchair user. He is alleging that the accessible seats he used to rely on were demolished in the process of remodeling, and have not been replaced.

The Cubs organization has not yet responded to this lawsuit, and it is of course impossible to know at this point whether or not the law has been broken. But I have to believe that after having finally broken their long and painful “curse”  and winning the World Series a year ago, the Cubbies will make this right.


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