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As Hurricane Harvey Barrels Towards Texas, People with Disabilities Should be Prepared

This morning, it looks like every national news channel is politely screaming at Texas residents to get out of the way of Hurricane Harvey. Reluctant reporters are trying to stay neutral as they ask some people why they are determined to defy the evacuation orders and “ride it out.” The answers are predictable: “I want to protect my family – animals – farm…”

I’m not about to judge the wisdom of these people and their decisions. But this situation does make me think about how I and other people with disabilities would fare if we had to suddenly evacuate because of a disaster (natural or man-made).

Fortunately, there is a considerable amount of information about this on the website. I have attached two links that discuss the necessity of advanced planning — both on the part of cities and of those who might be the most vulnerable in an emergency.

Stay safe – and stay prepared!

Emergency Preparedness ADA National Network

Emergency Supply Kits ADA National Network

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